Animal Care – Short Course


This short certification course is ideal if you are fascinated in starting a profession in creature good care, or just looking to acquire some new abilities before choosing a profession move.

Students will obtain expertise in a active crazy animals Medical center, plus you get compare unique car features to the proper good care of countless numbers of fed up, harmed and orphaned crazy animals while coaching towards a certification.

This nationwide recognized, accepted certification includes some of basic principles of creature good care. Learners will be thought to complete set projects at home to improve their overall qualifications information.

This course will give you a good release into creature husbandry, protecting areas such as looking after for creatures, housing and managing little creatures.

The course is 90% hands-on and the whole program is taken out on site, with experienced guides, instructors and assessors to help you out every step of the way.

Who is it for?

We are extremely pleased to be a Town & Guilds accepted coaching center with an excellent popularity within Town & Guilds and future companies – for the top quality of the coaching we provide to our students, and the standard of the go getters that leave us to go out into the world of creature care!

Courses run throughout the year and as a active, working Medical center we do not run term time only. We are not a personal center, so you will need to live (or rent) regionally or be prepared to travel to get here. Tiggywinkles takes on a few of scholars each month – so we can offer you the best encounter and coaching possible. In come back we are looking for passionate individuals, looking to learn for a profession in creature well being and achieve nationwide recognized certification together with realistic hands-on encounter.


This certification is made up of five models protecting a range of important creature good care information and realistic abilities, learned in a hands-on environment:

  • Assist with the proper good care of animals
  • Principles of the proper good care of animals
  • Principles of working with creature accommodation
  • Assist with creature accommodation
  • Principles of the activity and managing of little animals


All students must be at least 16 years of age.

Enthusiasm is essential!

Students should have at the least Access 3 Mathematics and British or GCSE qualities at E-G

Career path

Achieving this certification can help you’re working in positions such as Animal technician/ assistant; Animal centre/shelter worker; Run or cattery worker; Pet shop associate.

Or you may like to improvement on to the full Degree certification with us.