Animal Care Level 3 Course


Understanding how to proper take good proper creatures is something which can be implemented fitness center at your workplace and this Creature Care Stage 3 course contains the necessary specifications for this. This course has a variety of different areas such as offering, real estate, medical proper care needs and animal behavior to provide students an in-depth knowing of animal proper care.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to function together with creatures or improvement in their profession within animal proper care.


About this Course

Studying for the Creature Care Stage 3 course with us will provide you with an understanding into various different elements of looking after for different creatures and what needs they have. This course is great for studying the different specifications of creatures for anyone that cares about you for creatures in their perform or at your house.

Study Time:

120 hours

Enrolment length:

12 months

Course Format:


Entry Requirements:

None Specific

Upon completing this documentation students are granted an ABC Prizes certification and an OLC Degree. All documentation charges are a part of your course charges.


To gain this Creature Care Stage 3 documentation you will need to publish, and successfully pass, all of the instructor noticeable projects. There are six projects in the course and no need to purchase any books as we offer all of the teachings and components required to learn the curriculum.

All projects are training based and are in an essay/question and answer style to test your understanding of the themes protected in each of the course segments.

Course Content

This course analyzes the following units:

Unit 1: Healthy specifications of animals

  • Understand a lot of of animal feeders
  • The nutritional specifications of meals, what they are, where they tend available and why they are needed
  • How to choose the correct food
  • The amount and moment of feeding
  • The storage space and convenience of food
  • Some types of not conference an creatures nutritional requirements

Unit 2: Housing specifications of animals

  • State the real estate specifications of animals
  • List a lot of of bed linens materials
  • List the accessories different creatures require
  • Explain how to keep clean and sustain different animal accommodation
  • Describe the different methods spend is discarded correctly

Unit 3: Wellness insurance well-being of animals

  • Explain the techniques in which illnesses can be prevented
  • List the common illnesses seen in kitties, pets and rabbits
  • Understand what was created by the conditions endoparasite and ectoparasite and be able to record types of each
  • Discuss the symptoms and symptoms of health in animals
  • Be able to clarify first aid techniques and their remedies

Unit 4: Creature handling

  • Understand why we need to manage, limit and move animals
  • Understand individual safety gear and why we use it
  • Identify different kinds of managing and constraint equipment
  • Reduce stress when managing, discipline and moving animals

Unit 5: Behaviour and training

  • Describe the normal and irregular behavior of a variety of animals
  • State the feelings that are provided by animals
  • Understand why we take notice of the behavior in creatures and condition the methods of monitoring and recording
  • List the techniques in which irregular behavior can be decreased and avoided
  • Understand what was created by the word enrichment and come up with techniques of offering ecological enrichment

Unit 6: Working with animals

  • Identify animal well being needs and will be able to talk about how we can meet these needs
  • Explain what youngster well being act 2006 is and how it pertains to looking after animals
  • Understand the current regulation that needs to be followed when working with animals
  • List the creatures used being made and be able to record the items produce
  • Understand what intense agriculture is and be able to evaluate and contrast it to the opportunity and natural farming
  • This course can be taken over a Year but you can finish it as fast or as gradually as you wish.


To successfully pass this course students must successfully pass 6 projects. These are finished after directing through the corresponding training and writing your responses to task concerns. Once these have been read and noticeable by your individual instructor, reviews and represents are offered to students which contain helpful suggestions to enhance function in future projects.


All of our students are given accessibility to our on the internet university through their own individual sign in and security password. Once signed in you can get your course components, training, sources and projects in your own time. Assignments are submitted through your account and the process is easy user-friendly. Our on the internet university includes:

  • 24/7/365 accessibility to all of your course materials- all training, projects and sources are available from the moment you enrol
  • Instant accessibility to your course after you enrol- start studying immediately!
  • Integrated talk and texting systems so that you can get in touch with your tutor
  • Online task submissions to save your amount of your persistence in coming back represents and reviews.
  • Links to further sources and information available on courses
  • Self-led studying on all courses- research in your own efforts and sort out your projects at your own pace
  • Safe e-portfolio of your task is kept under locksmith on our protected servers
  • Progress bar to show the task you have finished and how many projects you still have to finish on your course
  • Detailed help center with step-by-step guidelines on getting the most from your course and how to publish projects and get in touch with your tutor


The most important device that all of our students have at their convenience is their instructor. When studying for a course with us you are allocated a individual instructor with detailed experience and information in your preferred topic.

You are wise to make use of your instructors skills and ask concerns about the course material. Your projects are noticeable by your individual instructor and specific reviews is given. As well as this your instructor will provide you with with suggestions and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your programs and regularly enhance your skills.

Enrolment Length

All of our is allocated sufficient here we are at students to finish their research and all components are self-led so that you can finish the course at your own speed. Should you need a longer period on one of our programs you can increase your enrolment by 30 days for the next fee of £60.

As well as this we function a 14 day refund policy on every one of our qualifications- that’s how assured we are of how you will love studying with us!