ONLINE Animal Care Course



Upon effective finishing this course, learners will be granted a Certification of Accomplishment. This should help confirm their chance to understand and expertise, and can be used as a continue designer.

This Course Includes the Following

-Caring for Cats
-Learning the different various types of Cat
-How to practice a Cat
-Caring for your fed up Cat
-Caring for Dogs
-Learning the different various types of Dogs
-Genetic problems of the Dog breed
-Caring for Horse
-How to choose a appropriate Horse
-Learning to figure out an Equine age
-Caring for Birds
-Learning the different kind of Birds
-Handling little birds
-Birds home environment
-Caring for Rabbits
-Learning the different various types of Rabbits
-Feeding Rabbits
-Handling rabbits
-Caring for reptiles
-Distinguishing attribute of lizards and amphibians
-Feeding lizards and amphibians
-Caring for rodents
-How to pet the right pet
-Housing rodents
-Learning to give rodents


There are different kinds and types of creatures and each kind has different different needs such as common good care, providing and self good care. Animals need a secure home to reside at, protected from worry and pressure that also has quick accessibility to normal water and meals.

They should be kept dry and fresh, they should be kept in an position that allows urinating and defecation and guaranteeing appropriate spend elimination, to avoid illnesses.

At the end of this course, learners shall understand how to:

(1) be acquainted with kinds of cats;

(2) be acquainted with kinds of dogs;

(3) be acquainted with kinds of horses;

(4) be acquainted with kinds of birds;

(5) be acquainted with kinds of rabbits;

(6) be acquainted with kinds of lizards and amphibians and

(7) be acquainted with kinds of hogs, gerbles and rats.

To accomplish these objectives, this course shall make use of entertaining components to existing the ideas of the themes to be mentioned. Tests shall be done after the whole course to examine for information preservation and knowing.

Good creature well being demonstrates a dog is in excellent condition, and they are if they are healthier, relaxed and well nurtured, able to interact with in regular varieties behavior, not in any actual constraint or discomfort.